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Are you fond of the different nice scents of essential oils? If yes, then why don't you use that for home cleaning?

The Hazards of Cleaning Chemicals

Just like other households, your cleaning cabinet is also full of different cleaning chemicals—from insecticides to sprays and soaps.

What most people don't realize is that these cleaning chemicals usually leave something hazardous in the air. Worse, these hazards in the air are always ready to get into you and your family's lungs.

Still, just like other households, you think that you have no better choice but use these cleaning chemicals or your house might be a dwelling place for germs and bacteria. You're certainly wrong if you have the same perception.

House Cleaning Service

A Better Alternative to Cleaning Chemicals

Good thing, there is a better alternative to using cleaning chemicals— essential oils! By using essential oils, you'll not only be able to clean your house— you'll create a good aroma therapeutic appeal in the entire house, too. That will surely be relaxing and better for your health than sniffing cleaning chemicals.

But how can you enjoy using these essential oils to your home cleaning? Here are the different ways:

DIY aroma antiseptic floor cleaner. Prepare ¼ cup of white vinegar. Mix 10 drops lemon oil and 5 drops oregano oil and you already have something refreshing for your floor cleaning.
Aroma windows cleaner. Mix one cup of white vinegar and 12 drops of lemon oil. Add some water also and put the mixture into a spray bottle. Use that to clean your glass windows and you'll find the finishing touches shiny and fragrant.

Fragrant dishwasher disinfectant. Simply mix some drops of lemon, peppermint, or lemon oil in the dishwasher and you'll instantly have something to purify and disinfect dishes.
Natural moth ball alternative. For so many years, people have been using the chemical-based moth balls in protecting their clothes from insects. But now, you can have a better choice—essential oils. You can use Canadian red cedar, rosemary, lemongrass, or lavender oils when making your own moth balls. Simply dab these oils onto a cotton ball. Tie that in a handkerchief and insects will surely be turned off of the smell.

Aroma insect repellent. Keep mites, fleas, dust mites, and ants away by having lemon, basil, eucalyptus, thyme, and lemon cypress essential oils around. Scents from these oils will surely scare away those insects.

Kitchen and bathroom cleaning with fragrances. You can add lemon or lavender unto a water solution if you'll be cleaning the bathroom but for kitchen, the best you can have is either geranium or lemon.

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Air purifier. Your common air spray can really kill germs but they can also leave chemicals in the air. Why don't you use lavender, lemon, tree oil, or rosemary in purifying the air? Just dab a cotton ball with any of these oils and place it on the air conditioner's grill.

It's really worth keeping some essential oils at home. You'll not only create a fragrant ambiance in the house, you'll also keep your house clean with these oils.


5 Hot Tips to a Very Organized Home

Who would not want to have a tidy and very organized house?  It is pretty sure that every house owner would want to have an abode that is very comfortable for all be it for the inhabitants or for their visitors.  Unfortunately, there are so many houses that have perfect design and structure but once you get inside of it, the entire house looks like a storage that is messed up and disorganized in need of  Cleaning. 
Carpet Cleaning

Getting an organized home is not an easy job, but the good thing is, there are simple ways that you can follow to make it comfortably looking and tidy after Carpet Cleaning .  Below are 5 of the hottest tips that any house owner can follow:

1.If you have a house that has adjacently positioned regions like kitchen to dining, it is very visible to see the mess on each part.  Therefore, it is best that you keep every source of dirt clean and organized all the time. One of these is the kitchen.  Follow the “clean as you go” policy.   This means that you should keep your dishes cleaned up after every meal and keep every utensil cleaned up after use.  

2.Always place a bin bags on every strategic place.  Dirty clothes should not be hanged anywhere.  Put them on the bin bags so that you maintain a clean and tidy place.  More often, hanging clothes make a very messy place when doing End Of Tenancy Cleaning .

3.If you do not how to re-arrange your house, put things back in the order before you touch or move anything in the house.  More often, the original positioning of the furniture pieces help you determine which one occupies a lot of Cleaning London . This helps you decide where to put the piece best.

4.Do not store things that you can dispose after.  The likes of snail mails and magazines are usually some of the things that when piled up in the house creates an atmosphere of dirty and disorganized house.  Make sure that after reading the mail or the magazine, you have these either burned or sold to the junk shop.

5.Create an air of comfy atmosphere by putting in some aromatic candles and water fountain.  These usually create a very relaxing mood in the house. 
So, if you are up to the challenge of having a comfortable house to dwell in, you can just follow these simple steps and enjoy a relaxing abode with your family. 

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